How to generate the Gerber file

This a simple guide that will help you with the processes of generating your Gerber files using either Altium Design software or Eagle.

Altium Designer Software

How to generate the Gerber file from Altium Designer Software for your project?

A Gerber file for each section of your electronic circuit design is what you need if you want to create a PCB. Watch the video from myProto youtube channel to get to know how to generate the required files for myProto platform.

Eagle Designer Software

Step 1: Open the CAM Processor in Eagle Designer Software

In Eagle, open Board view. Click the “CAM” button or choose “File -> CAM Procesor”. This will open the CAM Processor tool that is used to generate the files.

Here you can define the sections you want to create files for.

Step 2: Open a predefined job

To simplify creating Gerber files, you can use the predefined job of myProto. This is the file myProto RS-274x for two-layer circuits and the file myProto RS-274x for four-layer circuits.

We recommend that you put these two files in the directory C:\EAGLE-x.x.x\cam

To open it in the CAM Processor click “File -> Open -> Job”

Browse to your /eagle/cam/ folder, and you should see a file called. Choose it and click “Open”.

You will now see several tabs in the CAM Processor. Each of these tabs will generate a Gerber file.

Step 3: Process job

Click on “Process Job” to output the Gerber files. You will find the files in your project directory folder.

Step 4: Check output files

You will get 10 RS274-x format gerber files with myProto RS-274x 2 layers:


Download the guide (.pdf, 150ko)

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