How can I contact myProto team regarding my order?

How can I contact myProto team regarding my order?

You can contact myProto at any case by email at suppport@myproto.eu and by phone at +32 2 333 27 75. or by using the chat tool and/or the messaging center of the application.

The messaging center is a communication tool that offers the possibility to centralise the communication between you and myProto team, in one directory offering the possibility to diminish any potential leak of information in the numerous emails exchanged.

To access the messaging center, simply click on the message icon next to each project or order, choose the desired question category from the drop-down menu and insert your message. myProto customer service will be notified and reply to you the soonest possible.  You can see all the notifications you have from the messaging center by clicking the same icon on the top right corner of myProto dashboard.



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