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How to create a project


For New Users

In the main page of myProto, please click on the “+START WITH MYPROTO” button . This should create a new project that will be used to quote and order your prototypes.

For existing users

If you already have an account, please click on the “+NEW PROJECT” button, above your project list.

Tab 1: Project

Project Information Tab

Once the Project page opens, first step is to fill in the some fields regarding the general information of your project. Fields marked with * are mandatory fields.

  1. PROJECT NAME*: It is the name used in order to properly identify this project.
  2. QUANTITY*: It is the amount of Assembled circuits that you want us to produce.
  3. MOUNTING: It is meant to give a first insight in the mounting technology of the components and the sides that need to be populated.
  4. ASKED DELIVERY TERM*: In how many business days you want the assembled circuits to be sent. Please allow one business day for delivery within EU.
  5. DESCRIPTION: Here, the user is able to give to myProto production team extra information regarding the project and/or clarify any grey areas that may be present.

Tab 2: PCB

Printed Circuit Board Tab

1. Filling in the PCB Specifications

In order to complete the required data regarding your PCB order, please click on the “EDIT PCB PARAMETERS…” button.  The PCB information sheet opens in a pop-up window, in which you will be able to note down all the specifications regarding the manufacturing of your PCBs. This information spans from the dimensions of the PCB boards up to the colours of the silkscreen that you will require. Simply choose:

  • the amount of layers
  • and the desired dimensions

and the default data will be automatically filled in, allowing the user to proceed faster through this step. It is highly recommended to go through the entire form and verify or modify the data, in order to avoid any mistakes and delays during production. Please note that this step is crucial in the ordering process and to proceed to the next Tab.

2. Uploading the Gerber files

Gerber is a standard electronics industry file format used to link design information to manufacturing for many types of printed circuit boards. See more…

Please note that the Gerber files aren’t required in order to proceed to the Tab 3 or quote your project, but are required for placing your order.

In order to upload the compressed folder into the platform you can either “drag&drop” the folder from your computer onto the designated area or click on the highlighted area in order to open a window, where you can search through your computer’s directory, target the desired folder and upload it on myProto platform.

How to generate your Gerber files with your EDA software. See more…

See how to fill in the PCB specifications and upload your Gerber files at myProto platform


Need help on how to generate the Gerber files? See more…

Tab 3: BOM

Bill of Materials Tab

1. Uploading the BOM file

Accepted BOM file formats are xls, xlsx, ods and csv. Please, find here sample BOM files in .xls  and .ods formats.

Upload the BOM file: either “drag&drop” from your computer onto the designated area or click on the highlighted area in order to search through your computer’s directory, target the desired file and upload it on myProto platform.

Next, click on the desired sheet from the file in order to open the BOM tool.

2. Uploading the Parts Centroid (Pick&Place) file

Accepted file formats are .csv and .txt. Please, find here a template file in .csv format.

The parts centroid file is much simpler to upload than the BOM. Just proceed with the familiar methods of “drag&drop” or “click&search” in order to locate your files and be able to properly upload them in the platform.

Once this is done properly, you have the possibility to view the “PARTS CENTROID MAPPING TABLE” and verify if all the information contained in the uploaded document is correct. To activate this, please click on the corresponding button.

In order to proceed to the Offer tabs, please click on the “SAVE & NEXT” button

Need help with the parts-centroid file? See more..

See how to upload your BOM and Parts Centroid files at myProto platform

Need help on how to use myProto BOM tool? See more…

Need help on how to deliver your PCB and/or components? See more…

Need help on how to find alternatives? See more…

Tab 4: Offer

Calculate your offer Tab

This is the final required information to fill in before you proceed to quotation. The following steps are required in order to obtain a quick and proper quotation.

  • Step 1 : Verify all data already present on the offer tab
  • Step 2 : Click on the “SHIPPING TERM” cell in order to choose one of the shipping options.
  • Step 3:  Launch quotation process and wait for the result. Note that this is quite time consuming process, so you can take some rest.


Once completed you should have a Price offer for your project. At this point the Gerber files and the parts centroid file are required in order to proceed to checkout. 

Need help on myProto checkout process? See more…

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