Surface-mount devices

The core business of myProto consists of electronic circuit assembly. We provide an online platform to have your electronic circuit boards assembled in a quick and carefree manner. Electronic circuit assembly refers to the process where the electronic components are placed on the PCB. But how does myProto actually attach those components onto the circuit board?

Aside from through-hole mounting, the assembly can also be performed with surface-mount technology (referred to as SMD’s, for “surface-mount devices”. This method allows components to be placed directly onto the surface of PCB’s.




After the solder paste has been selectively spread using a high quality stencil and printer,  the boards move through our pick-and-place machine. Here, the machine places all surface-mount components on the circuit board, which eliminates any potential errors that could appear with manual mounting. It then performs the following actions:

  • The circuit moves from the stencil printer to the pick and place machine on a belt
  • The board is moved to the pick-and-place station
  • The robot then orients the PCB and applies the SMD’s to the surface of the board. These components are placed on top of the soldering paste in pre-programmed locations, defined by the designators.

The circuits are then processed in a manner that allows the proper solidification of the ROHS compliant solder paste so that the components are properly mounted on the circuit boards.



The boards are then moved through a large reflow oven, consisting of heaters at temperatures around 260° Celsius. This temperature causes the solder to melt. The boards are then passed through a regulated cooling process, this ensures the proper bonding of the components to the PCB. This creates a permanent solder joint which connects the SMD components to the printed circuit boards.

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Our mother company DVC has more than three decades’ worth of experience in the electronics assembly sector. As such, we are able to guarantee the highest level of quality, customer satisfaction and return on investment. Want to know more about our company? Check us out via this link.


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