Pin-in-Paste technology, the cheapest way to solder THT components

By applying Pin-in-Paste (PIP) reflow technology it is possible to solder THT components with a reflow oven. The successful application of this technology saves time and therefore money. myProto spoke with Tom Meeus of Rotec, specialist in stencils and pastes, about this technology and what you need to consider in order to apply this technology successfully.

myProto will move to Nivelles in 2022

Due to the continued growth, the current myProto building in Brussels is becoming too small. The second PCBA production line will be installed soon, but a third line will certainly not fit. A new building is necessary to be able to grow further. myProto has a completely new office built in Nivelles. MyProto is expected to move in here in 2022 together with parent organization DVC.

EDM Forum (imec) provides DfM Prototyping tips for every engineer

myProto is a member of the EDM Forum of imec (formerly cEDM). We spoke with Geert Willems of the EDM Forum about the role of a PCBA prototype, common mistakes and engineering tips for a perfect prototype. The aim of the EDM Forum is to provide scientific and technical knowledge about the design, production, testing, maintenance and recycling of electronics. The EDM Forum focuses on the non-functional aspects of electronics – also known as Design-for-eXcellence (DfX) – such as manufacturability, quality, cost, testability, reliability, etc.


COVID-19 update – Logistic challenges

myProto is still fully operational. But of course we are facing the consequences of the COVID-19 situation. The restrictions in China are declining but unfortunately the Global situation is still tense. As a result, there are limitations in personnel capacity and raw material procurement, but most of all in the field of global logistics.

myProto also for PCBA series production

When these prototypes have passed all the tests, you are ready to produce your first series. Did you know this could also be achieved with myProto? Even when your proto was not produced by myProto, the platform can still be used to create larger series. Within a couple of hours you will receive a competitive quote for your PCBA series!

myProto quality manager Pamela Schmid: “Customer satisfaction is my priority”

The online myProto platform receives new orders on a daily basis. The data in these orders enable us to create perfect PCBA prototypes and series and deliver these to our customers. How we do this? We spoke with Quality Manager Pamela Schmid about the quality process and customer satisfaction.


So, at this stage we still are in full capacity and able to manufacture and deliver pcb assemblies to our customers.


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