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Why the delivery term has been changed in my project?

myProto aims in giving the best price for the desired delivery term. However, there is a possibility that the required components are not available, within the desired time, by our suppliers. In this case, you will be instanly warned on myProto dashboard and notified about potential alternatives. If you chose 5, 6 or 7 days delivery and the delivery term was automatically set at 8 days, it means that the components inserted in your BOM are not available for express delivery from our suppliers. To achieve express delivery, then you have to use Farnell and RS SKU references

Why is the system asking me to verify the columns of my BOM ?

When you upload your BOM file in myProto, you will be first asked to select the sheet where the BOM data are encoded. After the correct sheet is selected, the system will ask you to select the corresponding column headers of the uploaded BOM. This action is needed in order to precise to the system the correct selection of the columns and avoid any potential misconception. As minimum it is mandatory to select two columns:

  1. Designators (preferred) or Quantity
  2. MPN or SKU

Why is the parts centroid (pick&place) file required?

myProto requires the centroid files in order to precisely calculate the production costs. This file has a very important role in the verification and validation of your projects.

  • The column “references designators” is usually the first column and must contain unique references. The column header should be:
    • refDes
    • reference
    • designator(s).
  • The column “layer” the Top or Bottom (mentioned as “T” or “B”) position. The column header should be:
    • Side
    • Layer(s)
    • Mirror

To prevent other columns from interfering with the import engine, it is better to first place the designator and second the layer. If texts are inserted at the beginning of the data table, these will be ignored. Please also pay some attention to the separation characters as they may cause issues by wrongly shifting a cell to the right.

Why does myProto use newsletters?

The platform uses newsletters in order to inform you about our latest updates, the next steps in development, the upcoming events where myProto will be attending, contests and upcoming sales that will surely help you with your projects.

Why can’t I modify projects placed in the “MY ORDERS” Tab?

This has been made in order to prevent that any modifications is made to the project after the launch of the ordering procedures and assembly of the circuits.

Why can’t I apply a voucher code to multiple baskets?

myProto works in an optimised manner that is linked to the use of the basket. It’s preferable for us that orders may be processed together rather than one at a time. This is why we do not use “Discount periods” but “Voucher codes”. By doing this, we offer the best prices possible for your projects and help our teams prepare your orders by gathering everything into one Basket to which the voucher code is applied.

Why are my projects moved from “MY PROJECTS” to “MY ORDERS”.

This feature has been implemented in order to make it easier for everyone to find and organize the ordering of projects and the gathering of information.

Which shipping methods are offered by myProto?

myProto cooperates with TNT for express delivery of your projects. The different delivery options are listed below by descending cost:

  • Express – Delivery before the closing of the offices. The next working day possible
  • 12:00 Express – Guarantees delivery before noon.
  • 10:00 Express – Guarantees delivery early in the morning.
  • 9:00 Express – Guarantees delivery at the beginning of your working day.

Where are my personal information used?

All Personal information gathered will exclusively be used by myProto and never be shared:

  • register an account
  • request service and support for our products or services
  • To process your order and deliver the products and/or services that you have ordered.
  • Contact you
  • Provide you with shipping and billing information.
  • Provide customer feedback, support and assistance for our products and services.
  • Create personal profile sections.
  • subscribe to our newsletter, so we keep you up to date for special offers, announcements and updates.
  • Spread surveys (participation is voluntary) in order to provide better products and services to our customers.
  • Offer you the best service possible with a personal and friendly contact with our team

We need your help in keeping the Personal Information you have shared with us accurate and up to date. Please notify us of any changes to your Personal Information. If you are a registered user, you may make these online on myProto Profile Management section or by sending an email to

When can I apply a voucher code?

The voucher codes can be applied during the checkout procedure.

When are my orders processed?

Orders are processed as soon as the proof of payment for the basket is received.

What to do if I forgot the password that I used in my registration?

In the header bar of myProto website you can find the button “My Account” that navigates to myProto dashboard. In the login page of myProto, you can find the button “Forgot my password”, where you can reset your password by inserting your registered email address. You will receive an email with a link that allows you to set up your password again. Please, also verify in your SPAM INBOX if you did not receive this email as it sometimes may be filtered.

In case, you cannot follow the steps above, please kindly contact myProto team (via the online chat or via email at, in order to reset your password.

    • In this case, please use the following template:

What to do if I forgot the email address used during my registration?

In case you forgot the email address that you used during your registration in myProto, you have two possibilities:

  • Create a new account with a new email address
  • Contact myProto team (via the online chat or via email at, in order to recuperate your registered email address from our databases.
    • In this case, please use the following template:

What to do if I don’t receive the confirmation email for the final verification of my user account?

It is possible that our confirmation email arrives in the Spam Inbox. If this is not the case, then it has been filtered out due to the IT implementation at your side. In this case, please contact myProto team (via email at, via phone number at +32 2 333 27 70 or via the  online chat tool) and we will be glad to help you and activate your account at our end.

What is the parts centroid file?

The centroid data (“parts centroid” or “component placement”) file is a location map of the components and therefore contains all information regarding the position and orientation of every surface mount component on the circuit board. It is in ASCII text format and consists of X location and Y location, the reference designator, rotation and side of PCB top or bottom. This file is required to place a component on the circuit board. This set of data enables us to properly plan and prepare for the production of your circuits.

The basic format for the Centroid file with data should be in the following order (sample here):

# Element Example
1 RefDes J1
2 Layer Top
3 LocationX 14.940
4 LocationY 3.500
5 Rotation 90


The XY location information is in mil, inch or mm and it is calculated from a given board origin. The rotation is in degrees 0, 45, 90, etc. The layer side is usually defaulted to the top side, but can be expressed as top/bottom (or 0/1 is used by some CAD systems). The XY information should signify the center of the component, as this detail is used by pick-n-place machine to place the components.

What is the packet feature used for during self delivery?

It helps the myProto team know precisely how many components will be delivered and the packaging methods used by your company or team. As the same component could be sent in multiple packages.

What is the accepted board thickness at myProto ?

The default board thickness at myProto is 1.55mm  for PCB manufacturing. The following board thicknesses are also offered at myProto:”

0.80mm 1.00mm 1.20mm 1.40mm 1.55mm
1.60mm 1.80mm 2.00mm 2.20mm 2.40mm
2.60mm 2.80mm 3.00mm 3.20mm

These are based upon the selected technology and amounts of layers provided by our PCB manufacturers

What is required to manufacture my board?

To manufacture your board myProto team needs the following to be well-defined:

  • PCB data
  • BOM (.xls, .csv, .xlsx, .ods) sample here and 
  • Gerbers files (.zip) and
  • Centroid file (.txt or .csv) sample here 

What is required to make a quote?

To get a quote from myProto you have to define PCB parameters and upload a BOM (.xls, .csv, .xlsx, .ods). The presets “SMD ON TOP” or “SMD ON BOTTOM“ and “THROUGH HOLE ON TOP” or “THROUGH HOLE ON BOTTOM” impact the quotation.


What filters can I use, in order to save time on myProto BOM editor?

You have 5 status filters at your disposal on the myProto BOM editor: No match, Many results, Designators errors and Out of stock.

Note: when you apply a filter you can go back on your full list by clicking on „Show All“ button.


BOM window with filters activated


What file formats can I upload in Parts Centroid section?

The Parts Centroid section supports .txt and .csv file formats.

What file formats can I upload in Gerber section?

The Gerber files should be placed into a folder and zipped together before being uploaded to the platform. Please make sure to not forget any layers and to verify the format of your files as any issues within these files will cause delays in production.

What file formats are supported by the myProto BOM tool?

The BOM section supports .xls, .xlsx, .csv and .ods file formats.

What fields help you get a better search results from your BOM ?

To help you with the BOM management, myProto provides samples that you can find and download in the BOM section.  It’s highly recommended, for the optimal use of BOM search engine, to use at least the following column headers (see picture below) in the file you upload in myProto BOM section:

  • designators and/or
  • quantity 
  • manufacturer part number (MPN) or
  • supplier reference (SKU).



What are the possible payment methods?

myProto supports payment via VISA, Maestro, Mastercard, ING & Belfius direct banking, bank transfer and Sofort.

What are the „Mounted“ & „Not mounted“ reference designators used for?

myProto gives the opportunity to order items that do not need to be mounted or soldered on your boards, for instance a battery or a male connector that needs to be put into female connector. A designator reference is required for this product and has to be transferred from the “mounted list” to the “not mounted list” (See picture below). Therefore, components marked as “Not Mounted” will be taken into account in the orders price calculations & be purchased myProto and they will be delivered to the client along with his PCB.



My parts centroid (pick&place) file cannot be recognised by myProto, what should I do?

If the file fails to be recognised by myProto, then:

  1. please make sure you are using the same format as our sample.
  2. Include the headers (if not presented) in the file you upload in myProto.
  3. Some software generate the related file, including some info lines on the top of the required columns. These lines have to be deleted, because the engine will potentially fail to recognise the data given under the info lines.
  4. Verify the uploaded file in case a separation character may have shifted the content of a cell into a wrong column and therefore trigger a warning from the platform that will prevent you from placing your order.


If none of the above works, then please kindly contact us (via email at, via phone number at +32 2 333 27 00 or via the  chat tool) and we will be glad to help you with your project.


Is myProto using cookies?

Yes, myProto uses technologies, such as cookies. A cookie can contain information that you only have supplied and it cannot read your hard disk or cookies from other websites. By accepting the cookies in myProto, you potentially give us the opportunity to recognize you when you return in our interface and identify your browsing behavior in order to make your visit easier, more efficient and more valuable by providing you with a customized experience. The purpose of this is to determine the usefulness of our website information to our users and to see how effective our navigational structure is in helping users reach that information.

Is myProto compatible with tablet and/or mobile versions?

Yes, myProto is designed to support tablet and mobile views. If,in any case you face issues with that, please contact us at or via the online chat tool.

Is myProto compatible with all browsers?

myProto is compatible with all widely used browsers. Please, refer to the table below for operating system and browser compatibility.

Browser Version Win7 Win8 Win10 macOS High Sierra
Safari 5.1 NS
Internet Explorer 10 NS
Internet Explorer 11
Internet Explorer edge NS NS NS
Google Chrome 60
Mozilla Firefox 54

*NS = Not Supported

I made a quote but I can’t go to checkout

To place an order your data must meet certain criteria. That is to say, PCB parameters, Gerber, BOM and Centroid file have to be well-defined. Thus, all alarms/remarks/warnings have to be solved. By clicking on a warning you are redirected to the section with the problem. See in the picture below. Warnings during checkout:


  1. To manufacture your BOM must be complete:  You will get this warning, if your BOM is incomplete. Incomplete BOM means that some components are out-of-stock and/or no components have been found for the given data, and/or you still have to select a component from the multiple options given for a BOM line and/or when there is inconsistency between the designators in your BOM and parts centroid files.


  1. To manufacture your prototype Gerber files are required: To proceed to checkout, you need to upload your Gerber files. The file is used to link design information to manufacturing for many types of printed circuit boards. Gerber data is a digital format representing the copper pattern per layer.


  1. To manufacture your prototype a Parts Centroid file is required: To proceed to checkout, you need to upload your parts centroid file.


  1. Some suppliers are unavailable at this time, we cannot deliver a complete offer. Please try again later: One of our supplier APIs seems to be offline. Please contact myProto customer service at this case.


I have changed my email address, what should I do?

If in any case, you changed the email address that you use in myProto, please contact myProto team via email, chat or phone number, in order to associate your new email address with your existing account. In case of an email, please use the following template:

How to get better lead time?

Replace SKU references by references at Farnell and/or RS Components. The two suppliers offer faster delivery term compared to other suppliers. Therefore, myProto team will process faster and deliver your project within 5 business days.

How to generate the Gerber file from Eagle for your project ?

How many times can I use a voucher?

Your voucher is only valid for one-time use.

How many times can I use a voucher?

Your voucher is only valid for one-time use.

How do I define if a component is „mounted“ or „not Mounted“?

In order to define the mounting of a component, you are simply required to cut and paste the „reference designator“ into the desired mounting status cell. And you can easily undo this modification by placing the reference designator back into the „mounted“ cell.

How can I report a bug, or contact myProto team?

myProto offers an online chat tool, where you can be in direct contact with the team. You can report a bug regarding myProto application and/or discuss about an issue related to your project. The tool is placed on the bottom right part of myProto. If there is no agent available, please leave your message and the team will contact you as soon as possible. You can always contact us by email at or by phone at +32 2 333 27 75.


How can I register in myProto services?

You can register in myProto, either by following the “Login” button (that navigates to myProto dashboard) in the header bar of myProto website or by visiting directly the URL of the application Before visiting the dashboard, you will have to create your account, by clicking on the button “Create an account”. The required fields for registration are first name, last name and email address. After the completion of the form, you will receive an email to validate your account and fill in the rest required info (e.g. phone number).

How can I log in myProto account?

You can log in myProto, either by following the “Login” button (that navigates to myProto dashboard) in the header bar of myProto website or by visiting directly the URL of the application By inserting your -prior- validated email and password, you can login to your account.

How can I deliver my own components?

In the BOM window, you can select component(s) for self-delivery by one of the following ways:

  • Select multiple BOM lines and consequently choose the option “Deliver Selected Component(s)” from the drop down menu
  • You can also reach this feature by opening the individual component information window and activate the self-delivery slider.


When component(s) is chosen to be delivered by you, you can eventually get your quotation about your project, but to proceed to checkout you have to fill in the following mandatory data (if they are not filled in automatically by the system):

  • MPN
  • SKU
  • Manufacturer
  • Link of datasheet of component
  • Description
  • Mounting Style
  • Case/Package
  • Width
  • Length
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Specify Packets


Once you choose to deliver a component, the previous window will automatically close and the “tick” icon of the BOM line will be replaced by a “truck” icon. By double-clicking again the component the following window appears, where you can insert the mandatory fields and proceed to checkout


To deliver a component to myProto, you need first to specify the packets of delivery in the related window of BOM Tool. See here

How can I contact myProto team regarding my order?

You can contact myProto team via the following means:

  • online chat tool, 
  • phone number at +3223332700 
  • email at
  • the messaging center of your order: It is a communication tool that offers the possibility to centralize the communication between you and myProto team, in one directory offering the possibility to diminish any potential leak of information in the numerous emails exchanged. To access the messaging center, simply click on the message icon next to each project or order, choose the desired question category from the drop-down menu and insert your message. myProto customer service will be notified and reply to you the soonest possible.  

How can I access the full information about a specific component present in the myProto BOM?

By double-clicking on the required product in the BOM, a pop-up window appears. In this window, you will find you can find the details of the product and its corresponding datasheet. Note: for some items ,the datasheet is not provided by the supplier or might be an in-house module or component that doesn’t have the proper documentation available.


Could I deliver a reel or full tray with more components than the requested quantity displayed on the platform?

Yes, it is possible to deliver extra components, but the quantities will have to be properly inputted and if they are any discrepancies between the values indicated on the platform and the amounts of components received, this might cause some delays during the preparation for production phase.

Can the „Not Mounted“ feature be used to order extra components that could be used as spare parts during the testing of the circuits?

Yes, but using this feature in this manner might cause you some issues during the verification procedures between the BOM and the parts centroids file that validates the project before you may proceed to check-out.

Can I use myProto without accepting the cookies?

You can definitely browse myProto website and dashboard without accepting the cookies, but this will lead to loss of functionalities, e.g. web-pages that require login and password. However, if you prefer not to receive cookies while browsing our website, dashboard or via HTML-formatted emails, you can set your browser either to warn you before it accepts cookies, refuse the cookie or you can also refuse all cookies by turning them off in your browser.

Can I provide my own PCB’s?

Yes, you can provide your own PCB, but you have to clearly indicate in myProto the specs of the delivered boards. For detailed requirements, please see the file “PCB and components specifications” below. For detailed requirements, please see the file “PCB and components specifications”. Note that delays in delivery of PCB’s will lead to significant delays (since if delivery is delayed, the project will be rescheduled for the next available production slot) and can also lead to extra charge costs.

Can I have multiple users/agents using the same account?

With the current structure of our application, it is not possible several agents to use the same account. In this case, several accounts have to be created and associated with the same company ID.

Can I get the list of components I have selected to be mounted and not mounted on my board?

myProto gives the possibility to see these lists from:

  • the list of components in the BOM editor section.
  • the order resume in the checkout section.
  • the exported BOM file in .xls format

Can I follow the progress of my order?

You can follow the progress of your order by Simply directing to the section of your orders (Tab “My Orders”) and click on the status icon  next to your order. Your project can be in one of the following statuses:

  1. Project Analysis,
  2. Goods Purchase,
  3. Goods Reception,
  4. Processing for Production,
  5. In Production,
  6. Ready for Shipment,
  7. Shipped


Can I do a preliminary check to my gerber files for potential design issues?

You can eventually upload your zip file in our Gerber viewer here and investigate and spot any potential design issues before uploading the final files in myProto platform.

Can I deliver my own components?

You can deliver your own components in the following cases:

  1. When our powerful component search engine does not find a part number and/or
  2. when the desired component is out of stock in our suppliers and/or
  3. when it is a homemade component which isn’t currently available in the market.

Can I cumulate multiple voucher codes to an order?

No, myProto does not allow for cumulative voucher codes as this might sometimes be abused. We prefer therefore talk about the price issue directly rather than to offer this service.

Can I check my design data for errors before uploading them at myProto ?

You can eventually upload your zip file in our Gerber viewer here  in order to visualize each layer and spot any potential design minor errors before uploading the final files in myProto platform. This tool will not analyse the Gerber files for issues, and it will therefore not highlight or warn you in case of potential issues in the design of your Gerber files. This is a visualisation tool.

Can I change the delivery term after the payment of my project?

The price of your paid project is inextricably linked to the desired delivery term. That is to say, the faster delivery, the higher cost. Therefore, after the payment of your project, it is impossible to change the delivery term, because this would cause countless issues in myProto logistics. However, in special cases it is possible to change the delivery term by contacting myProto support team via email at or via the online chat tool.


Are there any requirements for the delivery of my components to myProto?

To deliver a component to myProto, you need first to specify the packets of delivery. You can eventually deliver the same component in more than one packets. For the proper reception of the goods from myProto, you will need to specify the amount of packets you will deliver along with the amount of components in each packet. Please, see the screenshot below from the component window where you can specify these details.  The following info have to be noted on the packet:

  • Project Name
  • Project ID
  • MPN
  • Packet # (for instance Packet A)
  • Quantity (in the packet)


The packets have to be delivered in the following address:

  • myProto
  • 6 Korporaal Trésignies street
  • B-1190 Brussels
  • Belgium

Am I gonna be notified for the shipment of my project?

Yes, when the project has been sent out with our partner, you will be notified via email with the tracking code of the shipment.


6 Korporaal Trésignies street
B-1190 Brüssel

Tel: +32 2 333 27 75
Fax : +32 2 333 27 77