myProto, the platform to assemble your prototype circuit boards. It’s easy fast and reliable.

You provide the circuit data and the component list
and we assemble it lightning fast for you.


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It’s easy to use

The myProto platform is made with user experience in mind. It’s easy to operate and design your custom pcb (printed circuit board). You define the characteristics of the pcb and select your components.


Competitive quote

One click of a button will initiate a search in our database and get you the cheapest prices for your components. Your quote covers all the costs from pcb and components to assembly. It’s easy to use and it’s faster and cheaper than the competition.


Simple checkout

After designing your pcb and getting your custom quote you’re a single click away. We assemble your pcb and send it to you within the agreed term.


We deliver everywhere in Europe.


How does myProto work ? Our capabilities

Behind myProto, a team you can rely on

very fast

You choose the term of delivery, we do the rest

Excellent service

We keep in touch during the whole process

Keep our promises

Your project, the quality and the delivery term are always respected.


30 years experience in electronic assembly

Our team

Michel Wosinski

Production Manager

Marc Vertongen


Pamela Schmid

Quality Manager


Newsletter #4

  • myProto Christmas offer
  • myProto remains at your service during christmas holidays
  • Our new stencil printer
  • myProto Platform Updates
  • Agenda 2019

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Newsletter #3

  • Best Whishes
  • Agenda 2018
  • Embedded World 2018

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Newsletter #2

  • myProto Christmas offer
  • myProto remains at your service during christmas holidays
  • Online Customer Support
  • Wider range of PCB
  • Altium Library
  • Resistors stock
  • Improved Interface
  • And more to come

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Gold nugget in innovation

myProto has been selected in Paris by the club of experts as the gold nugget in innovation.

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Newsletter #1

  • MyProto in brief
  • MyProto remains at your service all summer
  • Resistor stock
  • Retrospective on the E&A Fair Utrecht (May 2017)
  • And more to come

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