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Manufacturing Process PCBA

Our mission is to deliver prototypes fast and with the same quality as a PCB assembly of a large series. Delivering high quality is only possible when the whole pcb assembly manufacturing process is automated.

myProto ensures the highest quality by using software and high tech equipment. The printed circuit board assembly manufacturing process is also fully traceable.


PCBA Manufacturing Process

  • High-tech equipment
  • Experienced engineers
  • Full traceability
  • Final test and visual check
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Constant and Reliable Quality

The myProto pcb assembly production process aims to deliver quality fast. By combining software, high-tech equipment, and a team of experienced engineers, myProto delivers prototypes of constant quality. By giving every product an unique barcode the manufacturing process is fully traceable. myProto has all the information available about the components and the production process on every prototype.

PCB Assembly Manufacturing Process Steps

To come to the perfect PCB assembly prototype, myProto takes the following manufacturing process steps:

Step 1: Traceability

In the beginning of the assembly process, every PCB receives a unique 2D barcode. This barcode is scanned through the whole process and permits us to traceback:
Supplier information and delivery document of every single component, which process step was carried out when and by whom, link to BOM revision and bare PCB specification…

Step 2: Solder Paste Stencilling

The MPM Momentum Elite Dual Lane Stencil Printer adds solder paste to the bare PCB.

Step 3: Pick & Place

The SMD components are placed accurately with the Samsung Pick&Place machine.

Step 4: Inspection

Correct placement and orientation of the surface mount components is checked before conveying the assemblies to soldering.

Step 5: Reflow Soldering

The PCB’s are placed in Essemtec RO300FC Forced Convection Reflow with their components. The oven consists of different zones and makes sure the solder paste hardens. Preferably we use low melting point solder paste (liquidus at 150°C) which eliminates any risk of damaging components by high soldering temperatures.

Step 6: Inspection

After soldering the surface mount components the assemblies are inspected again in order to detect any possible defect in solder joints.
If requested by the customer, as a supplemental option, this inspection can be done by machine:
The Omron VT-RNS AOI inspects the prints. The machine checks if the components are placed correctly and if the solder connection is applied correctly.

Step 7: Through Hole Component Insertion

THT components are placed on the PCB by hand observing correct orientation. The soldering is done either by the Auto Soldering SEHO Go Wave 1030 machine or it is done by hand depending on the required degree of selective soldering.

Step 8: Technical edge cutting

For the assembly with our automated machines, the PCBs are equipped with technical edges. Those edges are cut off after the assembly process. If the PCB board is a panel and contains several single circuits, panel separation is done at this step. In order to be able to cut off the edges in a clean way, pre-cut break-out tabs or V-cut is needed (to be defined during bare PCB order).

Step 9: Inspection

After soldering the THT components and cutting off the technical edges the assemblies are inspected again to verify: Correct placement and orientation of all components as well as quality of solder connections and clean cutting.

Step 10: Packaging

The assemblies are packed in ESD safe packaging. Every single assembly is packed in an ESD shielding bag. If the PCB dimensions exceed standard then we pack the assemblies into an anti-static foam.

Step 11: Final Quality Control (QC)

Before closing the package for shipment, as a final step, a sample of the PCB assembly prototypes is checked optically again. This way we can guarantee the PCBA prototypes are perfectly manufactured.


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Great service, quality and customer care.

Oleg Pafik
@ everSens

Thank you for allowing me to perform a validation test on a sample in your premises before launching the whole batch to assembly. Also, the technical newsletter is quite informative.

Massimo Liistro
Electronics Engineer @ Icoms Detections

Very happy with the short lines. The platform works well, but it is good to know that there is a person on the other side who is ready to help you.

David Truyens
Founder @ Toolsquare

myProto is fast, reliable and very proactive, securing the prototyping phase of a product

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R&D Engineer @ CE+T Power

myProto has a good marketing strategy, which I think is unique in the segment of PCB services.

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Tom Redant
Technical Manager @ Hammer-IMS nv

The speed and the follow up where amazingly good. I was really amazed about the speed and the accuracy to have my prototypes on my desk on the 6th working day!!

Mr Bart Geraets
Technical Director & Founding Partner @ IPEE nv

Thanks to myProto expertise, we can fabricate our mini-evaluation boards and respond quickly to our customers demand.

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Sarah Houtain
Field Application Engineer @ e-peas semiconductors


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