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Types of PCBA

myProto has been offering custom printed circuit board assembly service for many years. With our high-tech equipment, we are capable of carrying out various pcb assembly types. These include through-hole technology (THM) and surface mount technology (SMT) to mount the component that your specifications require.

If all your specifications fall within the pre-defined options, the order can be placed immediately and standard delivery time will be applicable. If your project is complex and highly customized, then myProto will create a custom quote. Whether it is a standard or a special printed circuit board assembly, we will make sure your pcb assembly prototype will be delivered fast and in excellent quality.

PCBA Capabilities

  • Default PCBA prototypes delivered within 5 working days
  • State-of-the-art production equipment
  • Through-hole Technology (THT)
  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
  • Special processes possible
Manufacture your prototype today

myProto PCB Assembly Services

Discover the extended list of our pre-defined pcb assembly prototyping possibilities and take a look at the extras. Are your specification not on the list? Contact us and we will provide a custom quote for your prototyping project.

Component Size:
Surface Mounted Device (SMD):

  • min. 01005 inch-code (0402 metric-code) to max. 42 mm x 42 mm.
  • min. pitch 0.4mm, max. 69mm long connectors, all kinds of QFN and odd-form devices.
  • maximum component height 15 mm.

Through-hole Mounting (THM):

  • unlimited

PCB size:

  • min.: 80 mm x 55 mm (incl. panel border), remark: we can produce smaller PCB (5 mm x 5 mm) we put them into a panel of the minimum size.
  • max.: 600 mm x 250 mm (incl. panel border), larger : please contact-us

PCB Technologies:

  • IS-400 (Isola = temperature resistant resin system )
  • FR4-standard (Flame Retarded)|
  • FR4-no Cu
  • IMS (insulated Metal Substrate)
  • Polyimide (high performance polymers)
  • CEM35 (Composite Epoxy Material)
  • ROGERS 4350B (rigid, heat-stable laminate)

Production Capacity:

  • Surface Mount = SMD: max 26000 Components / hour

And also :

  • PCB Routing*
  • Prototype assembly
  • Testing*
  • Conformal Coating*
  • Housing*
  • Keyboards*
  • X-ray inspection*
  • BGA replacement and rework*

*not online service, please contact-us

Contact us at myProto

PCB Assembly Manufacturing Capabilities

myProto has high-end production equipment to manufacturing the pcb assembly prototypes. With this equipment, myProto is able to produce your prototype according to the highest standards.

Automated SMT production line:

  • Samsung SM482 Pick&Place machine (pdf)
  • MPM Momentum Elite Dual Lane Stencil Printer (pdf)
  • Essemtec RO300FC Forced Convection Reflow Oven (pdf)

Through-hole mounting division

  • Manual placement of components
  • Auto soldering SEHO Go Wave 1030 (pdf)

AOI inspection

  • Omron VT-RNS (pdf)

X-Ray inspection

  • Nikon XT V 160 NF (pdf)


myProto is fast, reliable and very proactive, securing the prototyping phase of a product

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R&D Engineer @ CE+T Power

myProto has a good marketing strategy, which I think is unique in the segment of PCB services.

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Tom Redant
Technical Manager @ Hammer-IMS nv

The speed and the follow up where amazingly good. I was really amazed about the speed and the accuracy to have my prototypes on my desk on the 6th working day!!

Mr Bart Geraets
Technical Director & Founding Partner @ IPEE nv

Thanks to myProto expertise, we can fabricate our mini-evaluation boards and respond quickly to our customers demand.

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Sarah Houtain
Field Application Engineer @ e-peas semiconductors

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We are able to manufacture and deliver pcb assemblies

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