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Industrial 4.0

The fourth industrial revelation is in full swing. Industrial processes are connected wirelessly and this is how cyber physical systems come into being. By connecting machines and processes with each other performances will be more insightful and it will be possible to optimize processes further.

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Industry 4.0 prototyping

myProto clients develop electronics for Industry 4.0 applications. Electronics with sensors are being used to collect data. Custom electronics with for instance FPGA’s are used to process data lightning fast and convert into actions if necessary. Or the data will be sent to the cloud for further analysis.

Reliable Electronics

The industry is very conservative when it comes to innovations. The interests are great and therefore an innovation can only succeed if there are no doubts about the quality. A good quality product starts with a professionally produced prototype. Especially when the prototype is used for demonstration purposes a professionally produced prototype will immediately make the difference.

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