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Core values


Our most important core value is innovation. Our innovative service enables our customers to realize their own innovations. myProto works continually to enhance and better the platform and the service. Digitalising and automating are central to this.

Fast, Reliable and Constant Quality

The myProto prototype pcb assembly service aims for speed, but doesn’t loose sight of reliability and constant quality. myProto delivers prototypes with the same quality as with serial production. We will also handle all your data confidentially.

Educated Engineers

myProto has in its founding company a background in pcb assembly engineering. We think it is very important that our engineers stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the market continually so our engineers are able to advise our customers to the best of their knowledge and to conduct pre-production analyses.


myProto will do everything in its power to live up to and even exceed your expectations. Via the platform we will communicate with you regarding the status of the project and make sure there are no unexpected surprises. Even with deviating wishes we will do our utmost to achieve your goals!


6, Rue Caporal Trésignies
B-1190 Brussels

Tel: +32 2 333 27 00
Email: info@myproto.eu

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Agoria FHI EDM

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