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By adding electronics (home automation) to buildings, a lot of profit can be made. The use of energy goes down, there is a better occupation and employees can even become more productive. Smart sensors are the basis for these improvements. The sensors know if someone is in the room, but they can also measure the temperature, CO2, light, et cetera. With these data the situation can be adjusted according to the wishes of the user.

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  • Low Power Applications
  • Sensors in buildings
  • Connectivity
  • Controlling building applications
  • LED applications

myProto customers

myProto has several customers in building automation. Most of these customers develop smart sensors. These sensors are used for detecting people, quality of air or incidence of light. There are also customers who create wireless controls for sun protection or office chairs. myProto is able to create prototypes of LED applications or the controls of these applications.

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Professional prototyping for calculating longevity

Sensors are the basis of smart buildings. Except for sensors, connectivity is also required to collect data. Therefore the sensors are wireless and mostly work on batteries. When designing these batteries, everything is done to create low power electronics. By using professional prototypes, you are able to draw conclusions on usage and longevity. The coverage can be measured as well and it is possible to calibrate the sensors.


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