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Innovations in the medical world are fast. By using smart technology patients can conduct periodical check-ups from their homes more often. In hospitals smart technology ensures that patients are monitored better and operations become simpler. The current state of the technology enables surgeons to operate from a distance.

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Medical Prototyping

  • Safe and secure prototypes
  • Electronics for medical devices
  • Electronics for self-diagnostics
  • Produced according to ISO 13485 standards

Reliable & Secure Prototyping

To introduce a product into the medical world is not easy. Because this world works with very sensitive data, the software and the electronics need to be developed very accurately and safely. If there are any doubts the chance of success is slim.

ISO 13485

There are very strict guidelines when producing medical devices. myProto works according to all the ISO 13485 guidelines in producing prototypes for the medical world. This ensures that everything is done to guarantee medical quality when your prototype is produced.

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