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myProto is fast, reliable and very proactive, securing the prototyping phase of a product

Simply put, myProto is fast, reliable and very proactive. They do not just assemble PCBAs. Rather, they cross-check everything before-hand, often finding mistakes in BOM or packages and they propose solutions in case of issues. They actually secure the prototyping phase of a product. I very strongly recommend.


CE+T Power


We are able to manufacture and deliver pcb assemblies

We, at DVC / myProto, are reorganizing our departments and work practice to preserve the best we can the health of our personnel and enable the further optimal servicing towards our customers!

Our action plan  10% Covid-19 discount


6, Rue Caporal Trésignies
B-1190 Brussels

Tel: +32 2 333 27 00
Fax : +32 2 333 27 77
Email: info@myproto.eu

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Agoria FHI EDM

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