I made a quote but I can’t go to checkout

I made a quote but I can’t go to checkout

To place an order your data must meet certain criteria. That is to say, PCB parameters, Gerber, BOM and Centroid file have to be well-defined. Thus, all alarms/remarks/warnings have to be solved. By clicking on a warning you are redirected to the section with the problem. See in the picture below. Warnings during checkout:


  1. To manufacture your BOM must be complete:  You will get this warning, if your BOM is incomplete. Incomplete BOM means that some components are out-of-stock and/or no components have been found for the given data, and/or you still have to select a component from the multiple options given for a BOM line and/or when there is inconsistency between the designators in your BOM and parts centroid files.


  1. To manufacture your prototype Gerber files are required: To proceed to checkout, you need to upload your Gerber files. The file is used to link design information to manufacturing for many types of printed circuit boards. Gerber data is a digital format representing the copper pattern per layer.


  1. To manufacture your prototype a Parts Centroid file is required: To proceed to checkout, you need to upload your parts centroid file.


  1. Some suppliers are unavailable at this time, we cannot deliver a complete offer. Please try again later: One of our supplier APIs seems to be offline. Please contact myProto customer service at this case.



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