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How to use myProto BOM Tool in order to finalise the bill of materials of your circuit assembly?


How to use myProto BOM Tool in order to finalise the bill of materials of your circuit assembly.

The “Bill of Materials”, known as BOM, is simply a list of all the parts needed to build a specific printed circuit board. A PCB BOM is generated from PCB design or EDA software, where the part information must already be available in the CAD system.

BOM Samples

Accepted BOM file formats are xls, xlsx, ods and csv. Please, find here sample BOM files in .xls and .ods formats.

Download .ods sample Download .xls sample

BOM required elements

The following information is normally present in a BOM file generated by the CAD software. myProto requires the presence only of the MPN or SKU data along with the Designators or Quantity.

  1. Quantity: It is the required amount of a specific component for the assembly of the electronic circuits.
  2. Designator: Each individual part on the board will have its own unique reference designator (for instance R5 for a resistor of 10Ohm 0.1W 0603 10%)
  3. MPN (Manufacturer Part Number): It is a code given to a component by its manufacturer and consists of a series of numbers and/or letters (MPN of above resistor SG731JTTD100K)
  4. SKU: It is the component’s identification code, given by a supplier in order to keep track of the inventory (Mouser SKU –Stock Keeping Unit- of above resistor is 660-SG731JTTD100K)
  5. Description: This is a basic description of the part. In the case of the SG731JTTD100K resistor from above, the description could be “Res Thick Film 0603 10 Ohm 10% 0.1W(1/10W) ±200ppm/C Pad SMD Automotive T/R”.
  6. Footprint: This is the name of the physical CAD footprint used by the part. For instance, R5 could be using a CAD footprint named “RES-0603”.


myProto BOM Icons and Filters Pictionary

myProto component search Toolbox

This is the user interface that will allow you to easily search and replace components that don’t correspond to your expectations or aren’t currently available with our suppliers. It also allows you to ignore the unnecessary components that are present in you BOM or to have them unmounted or even activate the self delivery option if you want to use your own components stocks.

Click on the bom line to open the detailed component window.

  1. Position of the component in BOM
  2. Main UI tab
  3. Manufacturer part number (MPN) used
  4. Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) code used
  5. Components general information
  6. Mounting selection tab
  7. Specific Notes tab for the production team
  8. Alternative search tool tab. Used to search for alternatives at Octopart.
  9. Brief summary of imported data used for search
  10. Switch to fully ignore component
  11. Switch in order to deliver the selected component yourself
  12. Components Manufacturer name
  13. Components Supplier name
  14. Used to search for alternatives within myProto database with basic keywords (still work in progress)

myProto BOM Toolbox Tabs

Mounting Tab

In this tab, are noted the designators that are associated to the given component. The information is automatically filled in from the BOM file data. The tab consists of the following two parts:

  1. Mounted: The designators for which the given component has to be mounted
  2. Not Mounted: The designators for which the given component should not be mounted. You can insert extra designators here, in case you would like to order extra components but do not want them to be mounted on the PCB.

Notes Tab

In this tab, you can give to the myProto production team, extra information regarding a component.

Alternatives Tab

this section is divided in two parts:

  1. Proposed Components: When myProto detects that there is an alternative from its stock, that can be used instead of the chosen component.
  2. Search for alternatives: This part consists of a text field and the related filters. In case that the desired component is not in stock, you can use either the text field or the related filters in order to search for an alternative component that matches your criteria. Note that the filters work progressively (meaning that first you have to apply the first filter, and then the second one on the obtained results).

Need help how to find alternatives? See more…

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