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How to search for component alternative on myProto?

How to use myProto BOM Tool in order to search for alternatives of components that are out-of-stock or not found by myProto search engine?

Taking into consideration the component crisis and the high amount of requests from our clients, myProto is proud to launch a feature that gives the possibility to search for alternatives of resistors and capacitors. Below, follows a simple guide that will help you search for alternatives of components using myProto BOM Tool. Note, that the feature for the moment works better for resistors and capacitors.

Access the feature of „Component Alternatives“ 

In the BOM tool :

  1. double-click the desired BOM line (or double-click on the alternatives icon on the left side of the BOM)
  2. navigate to the tab “Find Alternatives” in the pop-up window.
  3. myProto offers the option to search either by description or by using the available filters. Please, note that the filters work in a progressive way, meaning that when the main filter is applied, the user can apply any sub-filter on the results.


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