How can I deliver my own components?

How can I deliver my own components?

In the BOM window, you can select component(s) for self-delivery by one of the following ways:

  • Select multiple BOM lines and consequently choose the option “Deliver Selected Component(s)” from the drop down menu
  • You can also reach this feature by opening the individual component information window and activate the self-delivery slider.


When component(s) is chosen to be delivered by you, you can eventually get your quotation about your project, but to proceed to checkout you have to fill in the following mandatory data (if they are not filled in automatically by the system):

  • MPN
  • SKU
  • Manufacturer
  • Link of datasheet of component
  • Description
  • Mounting Style
  • Case/Package
  • Width
  • Length
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Specify Packets


Once you choose to deliver a component, the previous window will automatically close and the “tick” icon of the BOM line will be replaced by a “truck” icon. By double-clicking again the component the following window appears, where you can insert the mandatory fields and proceed to checkout


To deliver a component to myProto, you need first to specify the packets of delivery in the related window of BOM Tool. See here


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