myProto sponsors E&A gadget FlexKlok

Visitors of Electronics & Applications have the opportunity to collect the electronic gadget FlexKlok in 5 steps for free. Click here to reserve a FlexKlok


The FlexKlok has 24 default functions, for example telling time, setting an alarm, but also it can be used as a metronome, an egg timer or an hourglass. The FlexKlok can even be used as a 3D-mouse, rocker switch, a die or object security. However, it can be programmed as well. myProto sponsors this project and this is why you have the unique chance to collect this gadget.

The resistors and some capacitors are supplied by myProto/DVC. To create fast PCBA prototypes myProto works together with many component suppliers and myProto keeps a large stock at hand. Despite component scarcity myProto almost never misses the 5-day-delivery deadline.


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