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Changing the myProto platform url's


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The myProto platform url’s

For now, there are two url’s on the website :

  1. Link to the platform “home”
  2. Link to the platform “sign up” page

The platform “home” page

The link is only visible in one place in the frontend : in the header of each page, at the “My Account” reference (next to the language selector).

To change the url, go to : Options > Header tab > Change the value of the field “Platform home link


The platform “signup” page

The link is visible nearly 300 times on the website ! To change it, we need to “search and replace” the current value by the new one.

Before starting

You should have an account with “administrator” right in order to change search and replace. Julien and Konstantinos have administrator right for now.

You should be aware of what you’re doing ! A “search and replace” will search the exact value (case sensitive) and replace it by the excact value that you have written. If there’s a fault in the remplacement value, it will be replaced all over the website. So, check twice before triggering 😉

Search and replace

Go to : Tools > Better Search and replace


3. Search for : write here the value to search

4. Replace with : write here to value which will replace the searched value

5. Select only the table “mod588_postmeta

6. Unthick the last option “Run as dry run?”

7. Click “Run Search/Replace

Do not refresh your browser during the process. It can take up to one minute.


Once it’s done, you’ve got a confirmation message telling you that it proceed at “xxx” remplacement in 1 table.

Go to the frontend, check if the changes have occured (refresh the page if it was previously loaded).

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