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Displayed when adding a “Testimonials” section in your page/post content.

Access the Testimonial menu

Like other special content, click on the Testimonial menu (see dark grey bar on the left)

There you can

  1. Add a new testimonial
  2. Choose a testimonial (check the checkbox) and delete it
  3. Edit a testimonial by clicking the Edit link when your mouse is hover the category name

Add or Edit a new teestimonial

Click on the Add button under the Testimonial menu.

  1. Start with the “From” tab
  2. Write the name, the function and the company.
    Note : if something is missing, it will simply not show on the frontend.
  3. Add a photo. This can be the company logo or the author portrait.
    Tips : The photo is cropped to fit in a circle in frontend. When creating your image, consider leaving enough blank space all around the logo.
  4. Continue with the “Content” tab.
  5. Write the Short text. The short text is shown on the frontend in the slider between quotes. One sentence.
  6. Write the Long text. If you write something there, a “read more” button will appear on the testimonial in the slider.
    Note : if you leave the Long text field empty, it will simply hide the “read more” button in the slider on the frontend.

The result in frontend :



Should I write a long text for every testimonial?

No. You can write only one sentence in the short text field. That’s the most important.

What if I didn’t have any image to insert?

A default image will take place. But are sure you can’t find the company logo on Google images? Or the portrait of the author on the social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).

Can I have testimonials on other page?

Yes. Simply add a “testimonial” section in your page content.

Can I set the number of testimonial visible in the slider?

No. By default the slider will fit the number of testimonial according to the size of the screen. On desktop, there’s two testimonials visible. On tablet and phone, only one.


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