Every product assembled at myProto gets a 2D barcode containing a unique number. This unique number acts as the product’s passport. It contains the nature and origin of all the components inside the product and has a description of all the manipulations that have been performed on the circuit.

Traceability is one of the strengths of myProto. Every component is will be carefully encoded and every manipulation to the circuit will be recorded from start to finish. All parts are being labeled upon arrival at the company. This identification makes it possible to know the origin, the date of order and the date of reception of the products and makes it easier to manage the stocks. In case of a defect, the problem can be quickly informed to the suppliers and customers.
But the traceability doesn’t stop there: with each manipulation, new information is being recorded. The people working on the circuits and the timing of their interventions are being archived. The quality and the skills are being compared and are improved if necessary by tracking the operators, limiting the risk of errors.
The barcode is placed at the start of the production and every manipulation on the circuit is being recorded. A simple scan of the barcode allows instant retrieval of all information.

In case you wish to reorder a product with slight modifications, our ERP system works with revisioning which is also recorded in the barcode, thus preventing any risk of mix-up between revisions.

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