Since a few weeks now Covid 19 causes worldwide severe troubles.
People, industry as well as the economy are suffering a lot.

From last week already our company took some precautions such as the use of gloves and the respect of a minimal security distance between people.
We encourage since then the use of hand sanitizer each time people enter the company and the use of masks at delivery and pick-up of goods.
All inside and outside visits have been postponed till further notice.
Finally, we firmly invited people feeling unwell to stay at home.

On March 17th the Belgian authorities informed us about the implementation of severe measures in an effort to endigate further propagation of the virus.

It is quite obvious that these measures will affect our way of life and reshape the whole industrial organization of the country…

We, at DVC / myProto, are reorganizing our departments and work practice to preserve the best we can the health of our personnel and enable the further optimal servicing towards our customers!

In a nutshell:

  • people with roles allowing home office must work at home, creating as such extra work space and spreading for the roles that do not allow professional activity at home
  • we divided our company in function of the different levels
  • our personnel has been instructed to stay at their dedicated level and use the facilities deployed at each level (mess, sanitary, etc…)
  • breaks are also organized in shifts (within and across the levels) in order to reduce the clusters to a minimum.
  • Physical contact with other levels is forbidden
  • in case material is needed from another department (level), orders have to be given by specified phone numbers and transfer of the material has to be performed by freight elevator
  • we stressed once again to respect the security distances between people and to indicate where solutions have to be found if necessary
  • a contingency plan has also been deployed to replace people becoming ill

So, at this stage we still are in full capacity and able to manufacture and deliver pcb assemblies to our customers.

We hope that we will manage to keep it that way.

But most of all, we wish this health crisis to be stopped ASAP and hope that you, your relatives and friends won’t be harmed.

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