How can I optimize my price offer?

How can I optimize my price offer?

The cost for the production of a pcb can be split in different elements: pcb + components and production cost.

PCB Technology:
by designing a PCB with standard trackwidth and spacing, you can keep the cost down. When tolerances are tighter than the standard values this may significantly impact the cost for printed circuit board manufacturing.
The price is also linked to the dimensions of the pcb and number of layers.

Often a compromise between high complexity and small size versus low complexity and larger size has to be found. Also the reduction of the number of layers can have a significant price impact, but can imply more design effort.

myproto proposes premium quality resistors and soon also capacitors which will result in a better price for the production of your project.
See FAQ: Does myproto have components on stock?

We always advise to put all components on 1 side of the circuit when possible. This reduces cycle time, number of stencils, …
Use as much as possible SMD components. On top of the price, this will also enhance quality.
One other cost that can be important when you go to mass production, is the cost of testing. This is often neglected at design stage.
At myproto we can help you with Design for Testing.

Please take contact with us to further optimize your pcba for larger quantities.
All this is called DfM (design for manufacturing). If you want to learn more, we suggest to look at following link: https://www.cedm.be/guidelines/dfx-guidelines


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