Why is the parts centroid (pick&place) file required?

Why is the parts centroid (pick&place) file required?

myProto requires the centroid files in order to precisely calculate the production costs. This file has a very important role in the verification and validation of your projects.

  • The column “references designators” is usually the first column and must contain unique references. The column header should be:
    • refDes
    • reference
    • designator(s).
  • The column “layer” the Top or Bottom (mentioned as “T” or “B”) position. The column header should be:
    • Side
    • Layer(s)
    • Mirror

To prevent other columns from interfering with the import engine, it is better to first place the designator and second the layer. If texts are inserted at the beginning of the data table, these will be ignored. Please also pay some attention to the separation characters as they may cause issues by wrongly shifting a cell to the right.


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