Why is the parts centroid (pick&place) file required?

Why is the parts centroid (pick&place) file required?

myProto allows to estimate the price without the centroid file. However, for the exact price calculation, the parts centroid file is required. To do so, only 2 fields are required, namely: “Designator” and “Layer”. If these fields are in green, myProto is able to detect the columns to be processed. Note that any mounted component of a BOM must have a reference designator present in the centroid part. The file is required for our production department, in order to have accurate information on where and how each component has to be mounted.

  • The column “references designators” is usually the first column and must contain unique references. The column header may be:
    • refDes
    • reference
    • designator(s).


  • The column “layer” the Top or Bottom (mentioned as “T” or “B”) position. The column header may be:
    • Side
    • Layer(s)
    • Mirror

To prevent other columns from interfering with the import engine, it is better to first place the designator and second the layer. If texts are inserted at the beginning of the data table, these will be ignored.


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