How does myProto guarantee the quality with a simple pre-production validation

When you promise to deliver PCBA prototypes that have the same quality as serial production, then you have to deliver on that promise. We are very proud to inform you that we almost never had any complaints. But each complaint we did get, was solved quickly and always with our customer’s satisfaction in mind. This high quality on all of our products is possible because we automated each process wherever it was possible and we made it fully traceable. In addition, the customer can check every product in what we call pre-production validation. In this step, we check every component and if we have doubts about a specific component in advance, this can be displayed within a 2D orientation visualisation of the components placed on the board.

By asking a confirmation before PCB assembly manufacturing starts, we prevent unwanted reworks after production. It is not only much faster, but this also prevents unnecessary thermal and mechanical stress to the components in case they need to be de- and re-soldered. We create a 2D visualisation of the board onto the critical components and their orientation are displayed. If we have doubts about anything, this allows us to do a check and notify the user in time. When our customer has given his agreement, we launch the PCBAs production. Before closing the package for shipment, as a final step, the PCBA prototypes are checked optically one last time. This way we can guarantee the PCBA prototypes are perfectly manufactured.

PCBA prototypes with serial quality are possible within 5 working days. Create an account.

Example of email:

please find attached representations of the surface mount components on your project “…” top and bottom side seen from bird’s eye view.

Could you confirm if we correctly interpreted components orientation?


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