myProto also for PCBA series production

myProto also for PCBA series production

myProto is renowned for producing PCB assembly prototypes and small series quickly, of course. One of the most important advantages of myProto is that we produce prototypes with the same quality and according to the same procedures as larger series. When these prototypes have passed all the tests, you are ready to produce your first series. Did you know this could also be achieved with myProto? Even when your proto was not produced by myProto, the platform can still be used to create larger series. Within a few hours you will receive a competitive quote for your PCBA series!

Competitive Quote for your PCBA Series

With myProto you can now produce small and larger quantities. You only have to follow 4 simple steps: create a project, upload the design data (Gerber and Pick&Place files) and the BOM, run the BOM search and quote your project. By default, all projects of 50 pieces or less are automatically accepted in our system, but for orders containing more than 50 pieces there is validation process required from our production managers. The complexity of the project, the different aspects of the assembly and the feasibility of the production within the required delivery term are analysed by our production managers during the pcb assembly process. The validation is normally completed within a few hours of a business day. When the project is validated, the checkout is open and you can proceed with the order verification and payment.

Full service EMS

When the prototype has been assembled, a visual inspection follows before the PCBA is ready to be shipped to the customer. For a long time customers would want to scale up their prototypes productions and myProto can now also support you with PCBA serial production. Upon demand your project will be reviewed in order to offer competitive prices for medium/high quantity production. For serial production myProto also has access to additional processes such as:

  • Programming and testing your circuits (provided that all equipment is supplied for the programming and testing of your circuits.) The tests will be done according to the specifications required for the project. Naturally we are able to customise test and programming fixtures in cooperation with our engineering company DVC.
  • The housing of your circuits can also be done (assembly and procurement), provided that drawings and specifications are supplied.

By default we will always aim to give you the best prices for assembling your serial PCB assemblies, however, we will look at what is necessary to improve and prepare your series together.

Please keep in mind that the additional services are offered for the moment in offline mode, therefore close cooperation with myProto team is required before passing the order.

Create your myProto account and get a quote for your series.

Full service EMS!


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