myProto quality manager Pamela Schmid: “Customer satisfaction is my priority”

The online myProto PCB assembly platform receives new orders on a daily basis. The data in these orders enable us to create perfect PCBA prototypes and series and deliver these to our customers. How we do this? We spoke with Quality Manager Pamela Schmid about the quality process and customer satisfaction.

Quality and default processes
Pamela Schmid has a lot of experience in the production process and has worked with myProto from day one. To guarantee quality, Pamela focusses on standardisation and communication. Pamela: “As a quality manager I benefit from my hands-on experience in electronic production processes. There is very close communication with the production department and thus great flexibility to intervene directly in the field. This helps to clearly communicate the customer’s requirements to the production team. Besides, we are implementing the ISO9001 quality management system to optimize our process.”

Data check on entry
The customer PCB assembly process starts when a new order is received by the online myProto platform. This can be a small or a large series. Pamela: “An important part in processing new customer orders is to analyse the feasibility and ascertain the best method according to technology and production processes. We check the design and BOM data before sending them to production. In quite some cases we detect and prevent non-correspondences. If that is the case, I will contact the customer. When I talk with the customer, his need becomes clear to me and we will be able to proceed. Besides, it is a good time to get feedback on our platform!”

Final validation before production
When the ordered PCB’s and components are in house, we can start the assembly. However, we don’t start the production process until we are sure we have interpreted everything correctly. Pamela: “Once all the data have been sent to production, we create a preview of the surface mount components. To be sure we have interpreted everything correctly, we will ask the customer to validate the preview. When the customer has approved, we can start production. The production process includes several steps of checking and visual inspection of the assembly. Most of the operations done in production are poka-yoke structured and this prevents operators from errors, such as loading the wrong components on the machines or skipping verification steps.”

Final check before transport
To make sure the PCBA’s meet the strictest requirements, a final check takes place before shipment. Pamela: “A final check is done on the assemblies before closing the package. Samples are checked against photos of the FAI-assembly (first article inspected) and they are also checked against documentation records from the production. If the products are manufactured correctly, we send the products and a production report to the customer.” myProto converts every effort to prevent problems. Should they occur, however, myProto PCB assembly service will make every effort to find a solution. Pamela: “If a problem occurs, we process it with 8D methodology and project management software tools in order to have the best possible follow-up. And, of course, it is our responsibility to propose a fast and satisfying solution to the customer.”

As you can see, we take quality very seriously here at myProto! Even so, Pamela always sees room for improvement. She would like to automate the process even more. Pamela: “Many of the analyses we conduct during the process can be more or less automated. More automated analysis would mean faster service for the customer and is a nice asset for myProto. This is something for the near future!”

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