Newsletter #4

myProto Christmas offer

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

To celebrate Christmas, myProto team offers you a discount of 5% from your next order.

Simply, create your project and add the promotion code “xmas18myproto” during checkout.

Offer valid until 06/01/2019.

myProto remains at your service during Christmas holidays

Our customer service and production department will be working during Christmas holidays to make sure all orders and requests are processed accordingly.

If your R&D service wants to finish a project before the holidays and receive the prototypes when they get back, no problem. We will ensure that requirements are met and that our manufacture and delivery promise will be adhered to.

Let’s do great things together, even during Christmas holidays !

Our new Stencil Printer

myProto is proud to announce the acquisition of our new stencil printer.

We would like first to thank the suppliers and the support team for the great performances and services that they have provided us with throughout the years.

We were quite fond of our previous model, but in order to be able to offer a wider range of services, we were required to carry on with this necessary upgrade. This new Stencil Printer is an improved version in almost every manner of the previous model. It prints longer boards (up to 600mm technical edge included) and offers more precision in the alignment of the stencils with the boards.

Don’t worry about any delays in your orders as it has already been moved in and put to work since the 30/07/2018. We wanted this transition to be seamless and to disrupt our production capabilities as much as possible.

myProto Platform Updates

Find Alternatives

Taking into consideration the component crisis and the high amount of requests from our clients, myProto is proud to launch a feature that gives the possibility to search for alternatives of resistors and capacitors. Simply, double-click the desired BOM line (or double-click on the alternatives icon on the left side of the BOM) and navigate to the tab “Find Alternatives” in the pop-up window. myProto offers the option to search either by description or by using the available filters.

In the near future, the feature will be available for all types of components. Stay tuned!

Deliver your components

You can now deliver your components to myProto. Simply, double-click the BOM line of the desired component and activate the switch “I want to deliver the component”. The pop-up window will change to the self-delivery window, where you can insert or modify the required data and specify the packets that you will deliver to myProto team.

Attention! Be precise in the amount of packets and the corresponding amount of components in each packet, as it will facilitate the work of the production team and will prevent any unforeseen delays due to potential corrections

Farnell API Re-activation

Farnell API is back online. The API was deactivated for a period of 2 weeks from myProto platform. The exchanged information between myProto and the Farnell API during this “downtime” were not usable in order to calculate an accurate stock quantity or pricing value for the concerned components.

Agenda 2019

A great opportunity to come and see, all its related current and future developments!

During the exhibitions, we will present the latest version of our online prototype search and calculation tool. Our platform is very well received and has attracted many price requests in a short time. It’s also an opportunity to meet you, discuss your user experience and take note of your suggestions for future improvements.

Feel free to share your requests with us, we will listen carefully!


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