Reduction on development costs for French SMEs

Production of PCBA prototypes and series is quite simple via the online platform of myProto. Regularly, our customers ask us if we can industrialize POCs (Proof of concept) based on Arduino, Raspberry, Beagle, … myProto does not do it, but our sister company DVC can definitely provide strong support. Since DVC has been recognized by the Crédit d’impôt innovation (CII), French SMEs can benefit from a favourable regime for their innovation projects.

Crédit d’impôt innovation
The Crédit d’impôt innovation (CII) is an aid system for innovative companies. Its purpose is to support SMEs willing to innovate. The tariff provided by the Crédit d’impôt innovation is fixed and is equal to 20% of the costs generated by the companies, themselves limited to € 400.000. This system includes the costs for design of prototypes for new products or testpilots for new products.

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About DVC
DVC is recognised as a reliable and quality player, in many and varied sectors. DVC has a multi-disciplinary team and provides you with a set of skills to fulfil your requirements on a customised basis.
These skills are constantly being updated to follow developments in the market and technologies so that the most appropriate solutions are used to develop your application.
A selection of sectors in which the applications developed by DVC excel:

  • Rolling stock, automotive and energy
  • Heating and ventilation management (HVAC)
  • Equipment manufacturers for the agri-food sector
  • Medical or rehabilitation appliances
  • Harsh environments (laboratories, clean rooms, etc.)
  • Manufacturers of telescopic masts
  • Electronic circuits for OEM
  • Motor drivers (all types)

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