What is a PCB?

A printed circuit board or PCB is, in essence, a stack of successive layers of conductive and isolating materials.

Currently, there are several types of PCB technologies available that myProto supports. All of these offer unique benefits to further improve the functionality of your circuit board. With that in mind, myProto currently supports the following PCB technologies.


FR4: flame resistant 4

The most common technology for PCBs, this technology consists of epoxy based resins and fiberglass layers. Nowadays, FR4 is used in most standard electronic PCB manufacturing processes.


IMS: insulated metal substrate

This method replaces the insulating substrate with a non-conductive metal. In doing so, the boards dissipate more heat than their regular epoxy counterparts, which makes this the ideal solution for high power circuits.


Flex: flexible PCB

Replacing the normally rigid substrate with Kapton or PEEK makes the boards more flexible and less subject to mechanical stress. In cases where available space is a concern. That the interconnections between boards can’t be done with the use of wires or that the PCB have to survive heavy mechanical aging? If you are facing one of these constraints, then flex is the solution for you.

Flex-rigid: a combination of flexible and rigid PCBs

As the name suggests, this technology combines regular rigid circuit boards and the flex technology. It allows large PCBs to be placed in small areas. By folding the circuit on itself, wires and connectors are rendered obsolete. Projects confined by spatial requirement, such as wearable or embedded technologies, benefit immensely from the flex-rigid method.


HDI: high density interconnect

While HDI is one of the most complicated PCBs to build, this type covers a huge array of technologies. It supports multiple vias types (blind, buried, microvias…) and is found in most high end electronic technologies due to its combination of enormous connectivity and compactness.

Ready to assemble your electronic circuit board?

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