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Why the delivery term has been changed in my project?

MyProto aims in giving the best price for the desired delivery term. However, there is a possibility that the required components are not available, within the desired time, by our suppliers. In this case, you will be warned instantly on MyProto dashboard and notified about potential alternatives.

Why is the parts centroid file required?

MyProto allows to estimate the price without the centroid file. However, for the exact price calculation, the parts centroid file is required. To do so, only 2 fields are required, namely: “Designator” and “Layer”. If these fields are in green, myProto is able to detect the columns to be processed. Note that any mounted component of a BOM must have a reference designator present in the centroid part.

  • The column “references designators” is usually the first column and must contain unique references. The column header may be:
    • refDes
    • reference
    • designators


  • The column “layer” the Top or Bottom (mentioned as “T” or “B”) position. The column header may be:
    • Side
    • Layer(s)
    • Mirror

To prevent other columns from interfering with the import engine, it is better to first place the designator and second the layer. If texts are inserted at the beginning of the data table, these will be ignored.

Which PCB pool is provided by myProto?

MyProto offers standard build-up for PCB manufacturing. For other build-up (e.g. RF) please contact us at info@myproto.eu

Which fields are required to get better search result in BOM?

To help you with the BOM management, MyProto provides examples that you can find and download in the BOM section.  It’s highly recommended to use at least the following column headers (see picture below)::

  • quantity
  • designators
  • manufacturer part number (MPN) and
  • supplier reference (SKU).


Where are my personal information used?

Personal information are data used to identify an individual and include first name, last name, email address, physical address, credit or debit card number, title, occupation and other information needed to:

  • register an account
  • request service and support for our products or services
  • To process your order and deliver the products and/or services that you have ordered.
  • Contact you, and provide you with shipping and billing information.
  • Provide customer feedback, support and assistance for our products and services.
  • Create personal profile sections.
  • subscribe to our newsletter, so we keep you up to date for special offers, announcements and updates.
  • Spread surveys (participation is voluntary) in order to provide better products and services to our customers.

We need your help in keeping the Personal Information you have shared with us accurate and up to date. Please notify us of any changes to your Personal Information. If you are a registered user, you may make these online on MyProto Profile Management section or by sending an email to support@myproto.eu.

What to do if I forgot the password that I used in my registration?

In the header bar of MyProto website you can find the button “My Account” that navigates to MyProto dashboard. In the new page, you can find the button “Forgot my password”, where you can reset your password by inserting your registered email address. You will receive an email with a link that permits you to set up your password again.

What to do if I forgot the email address that I used in my registration?

In case you forgot the email address that you used during your registration in MyProto, you have two possibilities:

  • Create a new account from scratch
  • Contact MyProto team (via the online chat or via email at support@myproto.eu), in order to recuperate your registered email address from our databases.

What is the “Note for the production team”?

You can leave a note, manufacturing requirements or additional information about the selected product to MyProto production team.

What is the parts centroid file?

The centroid data (“parts centroid” or “component placement”) file contains all information regarding the position and orientation of every surface mount component on the circuit board. It is in ASCII text format and consists of X location and Y location, the reference designator, rotation and side of PCB top or bottom. This file is required to place a component on the circuit board. This set of data enables our engineers to proceed with surface mount assembly in an accurate manner.

The basic format for the Centroid file with data should be in the following order:

# Element Example
1 RefDes J1
2 Layer Top
3 LocationX 14.940
4 LocationY 3.500
5 Rotation 90


The XY location information is in mil, inch or mm and it is calculated from a given board origin. The rotation is in degrees 0, 45, 90, etc. The layer side is usually defaulted to the top side, but can be expressed as top/bottom (or 0/1 is used by some CAD systems). The XY information should signify the center of the component, as this detail is used by pick-n-place machine to place the components.

What is required to manufacture my board?

To manufacture your board MyProto team needs the following to be well-defined:

  • PCB parameters
  • Gerbers files (.zip)
  • BOM (.xls, .csv, .xlsx, .ods) and
  • the corresponding Centroid file (.txt or .csv).

What is required to make a quote?

To get a quote from MyProto you have to define PCB parameters and upload a BOM (.xls, .csv, .xlsx, .ods). The presets “SMD ON TOP” or “SMD ON BOTTOM” and “THROUGH HOLE ON TOP” or “THROUGH HOLE ON BOTTOM” impact the quotation.

What filters can I use, in order to save time on myProto BOM editor?

You have 4 status filters at your disposal on the myProto BOM editor:

  • No match
  • Many results
  • Designators errors
  • Out of stock

Note: when you apply a filter you can go back on your full list by clicking on “Show All” button.


What file formats can I upload in Parts Centroid section?

The Parts Centroid section supports .txt and .csv file formats.

What file formats can I upload in Gerber section?

The Gerber section supports .zip file formats.

What file formats can I upload in BOM section?

The BOM section supports .xls, .csv and .ods file formats.

What are the possible payment methods?

For the moment, MyProto supports payment via credit or debit card.

Mounted vs Not mounted reference designators but ordered, what does it mean?

MyProto gives the opportunity to order items that do not need to be mounted or soldered on your boards, for instance a battery or a male connector that needs to be put into female connector.

A designator reference is required for this product and has to be transferred from the “mounted list” to the “not mounted but ordered list”. See picture below.

Is MyProto using cookies?

Yes, MyProto uses technologies, such as cookies. A cookie can contain information that you only have supplied and it cannot read your hard disk or cookies from other websites. By accepting the cookies in MyProto, you potentially give us the opportunity to recognize you when you return in our interface and identify your browsing behavior in order to make your visit easier, more efficient and more valuable by providing you with a customized experience. The purpose of this is to determine the usefulness of our website information to our users and to see how effective our navigational structure is in helping users reach that information.

You definitely can browse MyProto website and dashboard without accepting the cookies, but this will lead to loss of functionalities, e.g. web-pages that require login and password. However, if you prefer not to receive cookies while browsing our website, dashboard or via HTML-formatted emails, you can set your browser either to warn you before it accepts cookies, refuse the cookie or you can also refuse all cookies by turning them off in your browser.

Is MyProto compatible with tablet and/or mobile versions?

Yes, MyProto is designed to support tablet and mobile views. If,in any case you face issues with that, please contact us at support@myproto.eu or via the online chat tool.

Is MyProto compatible with all browsers?

MyProto is compatible with all widely used browsers. Please, refer to the table below for operating system and browser compatibility.

Browser Version Win7 Win8 Win10 macOS High Sierra
Safari 5.1 X
Internet Explorer 10 X
Internet Explorer 11
Internet Explorer edge X X X
Google Chrome 60
Mozilla Firefox 54

I made a quote but I can’t go to checkout

To place an order your data must meet certain criteria. That is to say, PCB parameters, Gerber, BOM and Centroid file have to be well-defined. Thus, all alarms/remarks/warnings have to be solved. By clicking on a warning you are redirected to the section with the problem. See in the picture below:

I have changed my email address, what should I do?

If in any case, you changed the email address that you use in MyProto, please contact the team via email or chat, in order to associate your new email address with your existing account.

How to get better lead time?

Replace references by references at Farnell. Farnell offers faster delivery term compared to other suppliers, therefore MyProto team will process and deliver faster your project.

How to generate the Gerber file from Eagle for your project ?

How many times can I use a voucher?

Your voucher is only valid for one-time use.

How can I report a bug, or contact MyProto team?

MyProto offers an online chat tool, where you can be in direct contact with the team. You can report a bug regarding MyProto dashboard and/or discuss about an issue related to your project. The tool is placed on the bottom right part of MyProto. If there is no agent available, please leave your message and the team will contact you as soon as possible. You can always contact us at support@myproto.eu.

How can I register in MyProto services?

In the header bar of MyProto website you can find the button “My Account” that navigates to MyProto dashboard. Before visiting the dashboard, you will have to create your account, by clicking on the button “Create an account”. The required fields for registration are first name, last name and email address. After the completion of the form, you will receive an email to validate your account and fill in the rest required info (e.g. phone number).

How can I log in MyProto account?

In the header bar of MyProto website you can find the button “My Account” that navigates to MyProto dashboard. By inserting your -prior- validated email and password, you can login your account

How can I be sure that I have chosen the correct component in the BOM?

By double-clicking on the required product in the BOM, a pop-up window appears, where you can find the details of the product and its corresponding datasheet. Note: for some items ,the datasheet is not provided by the supplier.

Can I provide my own PCB’s?

Please contact us at info@myproto.eu for personal quotation. For detailed requirements, please see the file “PCB and components specifications” below. Note: this use of myProto would lead to extra charge cost.

Can I get the list of components I have selected to be mounted and not mounted on my board?

MyProto gives the possibility to download these lists from:

  • the lists in the BOM editor.
  • the order resume in the checkout section.

Can I deliver my own components?

Please contact us at info@myproto.eu for personal quotation. For detailed requirements, please see the file “PCB and components specifications” below. Note: this use of myProto would lead to extra charge cost.

PCB and components specifications

Can I change the delivery term after the payment of my project?

The price of your paid project is inextricably linked to the desired delivery term. That is to say, faster delivery means higher cost. Therefore, after the payment of your project, it is advised to not change the delivery term, because it will be an issue in MyProto logistic processes. However, in special cases it is possible to change the delivery term by contacting MyProto team via email at suppport@myproto.eu or via the online chat tool.

Am I gonna be notified for the shipment of my project?

Yes, when the project has been sent out with our partner, you will be notified with the tracking code of the shipment.

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