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The page header

These are the content that you can insert in everypage pages or posts.

Managing the page header

The page header is build with 3 parts:

  1. The main part : sup-title, title and background image
  2. The USP’s
  3. The breadcrumbs

You can manage the first two : the main part and the usp’s. The breadcrumbs will be set automatically by the theme.

The main part : sup-title, title and background image

On every pages and posts, you can choose to set:

  1. a brackground image which will render with a dark filter (70% black) in order to preserve the lisibility of the (sup-)title.
  2. a up-title, which will render in green above the title.
  3. a main title, which will render in big bold white.
  4. a little bit more text under the main title. Like a button for example.
  5. the USP’s icon to display.

Click on the image to see a larger version

All this field are optionals.

  • If no texts, the sup-title, the title and the subcontent (2,3,4) will be empty on the frontend.
  • If no image (1), a default image will take place (see image at the header of this page).
  • If the checkbox “Display the USP’s in the header” is not checked, nothing is shown.

So, for a simple header, we can just set:


Note : in some cases, the sup-title is controlled by the theme :

  • For the FAQ : the default sup-title is “FAQ”

The USP’s

In order to display the USP’s in the page header, check the checkbox “Display the USP’s in the header”.

To change the USP’s (icon, text, order, etc.), see this article

The breadcrumbs

The breadcrumbs is generated automatically by the theme. It appears on every pages (except the homepage), news, faq’s, testimonials, etc.



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