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The content "section"


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The content “section”

This is the heart of your page/post layout.

Between the page header and the page footer, you can basically do anything with your layout. There are many possibilities.


Add, move, delete section

A section is a layout block. They are displayed one above the other, between the header and the footer of the page/post. You can :

  • Add a section by clicking the add section button at the bottom of the page editor. In that case, the new section is added at the bottom of the others.
    You can also add a section by clicking the plus icon on the top right of a section. In that case, the new section come above the previous one.
    Then choose your section type (see details below) :
  • Move a section above or beneath another by click-maintain-and-slide a section. To do so, click on the number on the top left of the section.
  • Delete a section by clicking the minus icon on the top right.

“Content 1 or 2 column”

This is the main layout block. It is used to display text, images, video on one or two column. They are many option to customize your content : background color, background image, padding, etc.

The content tab

First step first : you choose a layout.
The wysiwyg editor(s) will appear/disappear according to your choice:

  1. Full width
  2. 50% align on the left
  3. 50% align on the right
  4. 2 columns (50% / 50%)



The background tab

Start by choosing a “Section background”

  1. None : no background (white by default)
  2. Plain color : you can choose between light grey, green, blue.
    Note : when choosing a dark color (like blue) the inner texts will be written in white to keep them readable.
  3. Image (+eventualy gradient color) :
    1. you pick an image and it will be resized proportionally to fill the space.
    2. You can add a gradient color background behind the text to keep them readable. In that case, choose where to add the gradient color (50% left, 50% right, full width), then choose your gradient color (white, light grey, blue, green).


Finally, choose the “Size of the section background“.

  1. Full width : will streched the background from one screen border to the opposite one
  2. Boxed : will streched the background to the “content width” (max 1100px)

Note : on small screen size (tablet, smartphone) this will render nearly the same as the screen width is almost the content width. In responsive mode, the “boxed” size will leave a small blank space on the left and on the right. The “full width” size won’t leave blank space.


The Options tab

You can set :

  • The text color : by default the text is written in black. By default, the theme will also detect if there is a dark background (like blue) and it will write the text in white in that case. Anyway, you can use this option to force a texte color.
  • Padding top and padding bottom: these are the “inner-margin” of the section. By default, there are 48px at the top and 48px at the bottom.



The “boxes” are a way to present the content into boxes, displayed side by side.

The content tab

First you chose how many boxes you want side by side, by choosing a number in the Number of columns dropdown.
Note : on smaller screen like smartphone, the number of boxes by row will be automatically reduced in order to fit the screen width

Then you click on Add a box to add a boxes.

You complete the fields :

  1. A background image. The background image is covered by a blue filter (opacity 70%) in order to keep the text readable. If no image defined, a default one will be displayed (see example above)
  2. A title (in green)
  3. A text (in white)
  4. A link : leave on select to not add a link, or select your link type:
    1. To file : select the file in the Media Library
    2. To page or post on this website : search for a page/post by typing its name, then select one
    3. External link to website : copy-paste the complete url (with https://)


The background an options tab

Like other section block, you can set your background and paddings. See above for more details (chapter “Content 1 or 2 Column > Background tab or Option tab).


Team slider

Will display a slider with the team member.

There is nothing to set here. Indeed, all the team member published in the “Team” menu (see on the left) will be displayed and ordered according their order number.

The number of member side by side is

  • 3 for desktop
  • 2 for tablet
  • 1 for smartphone

You can still set a background and paddings in the dedicated tabs.

Managing the Team member



Will display a slider with the testimonials.

There is nothing to set here. Indeed, all the testimonials published in the “Testimonial” menu (see on the left) will be displayed, by the most recent first.

The number of testimonial side by side is

  • 2 for desktop
  • 1 for tablet and smartphone

You can still set a background and paddings in the dedicated tabs.

Managing the Testimonials



Will display the USP’s side by side.

The content tab

All the USP’s published in the “Options” menu (see on the left) will be displayed, in the order set in the menu.

Managing the USP's


The options tab

You can set

  • how many USP’s will displayed side by side,
  • a background and paddings.


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