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Display a slider of images with dots to navigate between them.




id Default: none

Value : media id, separated by coma
e.a : id=”18,19,20″

autoplay Default: no

Value : yes
e.a : autoplay=”yes”


[slider] Won’t return anything, id’s must be set in order to trigger the shortcode
[slider id="12,13,14"] Will return a slider of the images with id’s 12, 13, 14, in that order. Autoplay is “no” by default so the slider won’t start automatically, the user has to click on the dots to navigate between images.
[slider id="12,13,14" autoplay="yes"] Will return a slider of the images with id’s 12, 13, 14, in that order. Autoplay is “yes” so the slider will start automatically and loop. The user can still click on the dots to show a specific image.
[slider id="12"] Will return a slider of one image (no animation in that case).



Can I make a slider with anything ?

No. The id’s should be the id’s of images: jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, gif.
If it point at pdf or document the slider shortcode will failed.

You will find the image id by browsing Media menu.

Nothing is showned, what am i doing wrong?

You must set at least one valid id in order to trigger the slider in frontend. Without an id, the slider won’t appear.

Can I tell the slider to start and loop when the page is loaded?

Yes. Use the attribute autoplay with the value yes. For example : [slider id="12,13,14" autoplay="yes"] will trigger a slider of three images that will loop automatically when the page is loaded.

Note that the attribute autoplay is set to no by default. If you don’t write the autoplay attribute in the shortcode, the system will consider it as default (no).




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