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Required Paperwork

Required Paperwork

In order to assemble an electronic circuit board, myProto requires three specific documents. After receiving these and the confirmation of payment, we proceed to purchase of the necessary components and assemble your design.

The full Printed Circuit Board (PCB) files

This contains the basic information required to build a circuit board and is also known as the “gerber files”. PCB files visualize each layer, track and hole needed to create the printed circuit board. These files are basically the equivalent of a building’s blueprints, where workers can find all the information necessary about every floor, door or wall that has been designed by the architect.

The Bill of Materials (BOM)

To put it plainly, the bill of materials is your shopping list. It lists all required components we need to buy in order to complete your project. This document usually contains basic information and can be exported from most electronic design software.

Generally, it lists the following information:

  • Qty = quantity
    Amount of each specific component required.
  • Refdes = reference designator
    This is the unique name for each component in your project.
  • MPN = manufacturer part number
    This is the identification number that component manufacturers give to their products. This allows you to easily identify different components and to avoid confusion between very similar but not identical components.
  • SKU = stock keeping unit
    This is similar to the MPN but it is specifically used by suppliers to manage their stocks and to enable quick and targeted searches.

Parts Centroid

This is the most important file for a quick and easy assembly process. It contains all required information on the position and orientation of every single component on your electronic circuit board.

In short, this file attributes a location to every individual component, based on X-axis and Y-axis coordinates and rotation angles. During the mounting process, our machine selects components and aligns them with the coordinates’ points of origin. It then moves the components into position and rotates them until they are perfectly aligned with the footprints on the board. The components are then lowered into position and will be soldered onto the board once the full circuit passes through the oven.

Why do we require these files?

At myProto, we use these files to visualize your prototypes, to order the required parts and to build your project in accordance with your design.
The advantage of our platform? We have streamlined the order process, which quickly reveals missing or sub-optimal elements in the manufacturing process.
From the initial step of naming your project until the final quotation step, myProto allows you to check, verify and optimize each step required to bring your design to life.

Ready to assemble your electronic circuit board?

In need of specialized personnel and machinery to assemble your electronic circuit board? Start your project, fill in the necessary technical information and receive a custom offer based on your needs and requirements.

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