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Pick&Place Parts-Centroid File with Eagle

Generate your Pick&Place Parts-Centroid file with free Eagle software

To be able to mount your pcbs we need to know where to place the components present in your BOM.

This data is provided in the so called parts centroid, component placement or pick&place file, which contains component placement data. Information regarding the position and orientation for every reference designator on the printed circuit board are present in this file.

This file is required for automated placing of components on the circuit board and it is mandatory in order to proceed to place an order at myProto. Below you read how to generate this file with Eagle.

Step 1: Download the free Eagle software and create an account

Download the Eagle software and create a free account.

You might have to create a free account and sign in with password and 2-step authentication upon opening the software.

Step 2: Open your project and Run the ULP

Step 3: Select SMD and THT components

Browse for the « mount » ULP : SMD and THT

When you click OK to execute you get this screen :

Step 4: Merge the files

The centroid data for surface mount and through-hole components are exported in 2 seperate files. Merge the two files into one and your Pick&Place Parts-Centroid is ready.

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